Pollinating Factors

Project Name: Pollinating Factors

Group members: Jordan, Damian, Jessica

Goal: The goal of our project is to see how certain factors affect how many and what type of pollinators will go to a certain flower.

Task: you can help by taking a picture of a plant that seems to have a lot of pollinators, and describe the area that it is in at that moment.

Location:  Any place in Chicago that has flowers

Required materials: red, yellow, blue bowls, timer, pencil, paper, thermometer, water, soap, tablet.

Project Summary: Our project is to collect data on pollinators about what color of plants/flowers they are attracted to, and doing visitation rates. Also if any animal or human activity would affect how many pollinators will be by a certain flower. We will be conducting sampling tests to collect data on how many and what type of pollinators will be attracted to that color. The way we do this test is we fill up each bowl red, yellow, and blue with water and a few drops of soap, and set the bowls in an area near plants/flowers and wait about one day to check the traps and see what color attracted more pollinators or insects. the thermometer is used to check the air temperature to see how that affects how many pollinators are in that area. after completing that we now would do visitation rates by setting a ten minute timer and watching a specific group of flowers and counting how many pollinators have visited that patch within the time limit. you can help by just taking pictures of pollinators you see and by describing the area using the epicollect app to upload it to ASM_pollinators. This will help further our research of the many pollinators.


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