Plant Invertebrate Interaction (PII)

Project Name: Plant Invertebrate Interaction (PII)

Group members: Capriana, Jocelyn, Phyllesia

Goal: Analyze the relationship between aphids and cup plants, milkweeds, and false sunflowers .

Task: Look at milkweed plant, cup plants and false sunflower and record if aphids are present

Location: Anywhere with plants

Required materials: plastic container, 1 net, magnifying containers, thermometer, alcohol, vials

Project Summary: We are part of the ASM teens program in which we explore nature and science. Our project was surrounded around Plant and Insect Interaction (PII). The specific bugs we looked at were red aphids. But yellow and clear ones were found along the way. We also looked specifically at Cup Plants because the red aphids are found on them. Our last discovery was aphids on sunflowers and milkweeds.


In the field we carefully looked at all Cup Plants (Silphium perfoliatum) in different locations to find what aphids were on them. The places where we searched for Aphids were the North Pond, Lily Pond and the garden south of Fullerton and west of the Lincoln Park Conservatory . When we came across Cup plants we’d record an estimate of how many plants were in the area,(we first counted a row of ten and multiplied by however many rows there were) how many had the aphids and also determined the plant’s health. Plus we took the air temperature to determine if it’d be a factor on the aphids location. Then while walking by the west side of North Pond we noticed yellow aphids on Milkweed so we recorded them as well. Our next discovery was found at the Lily Pond where we found red aphids on False Sunflowers. We found more red aphids on False Sunflowers in the Garden South of Fullerton and West of the Lincoln Park Conservatory.


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