Projects Summer 2014

Nature Museum TEENS Projects (After School Matters-Summer 2014)

Thirty-one high school-aged youth have developed their own investigations focused on a wide range of urban environmental and ecological topics. Below you will find links to each of group’s project. Their project pages include their research question, methods, and results. Data for each investigation can potentially be gathered throughout the city of Chicago. If one of the projects interest you and you would like to contribute data, download EpiCollect to your smartphone or tablet and then load the project to EpiCollect!

Dragonfly Swarms

What role does environment play in the presence of dragonfly swarms?

The Worm Club

What soil do worms prefer best? Why might that be?

Emerald Ash Borer Survey

What is the distribution of ash trees infested with emerald ash borer insects?

Plant-Invertebrate Interactions

What is the relationship between aphids and the cup plants, milkweeds, and false sunflowers?

Get That Bug!

Build a database of Beetles, Moths and Assassins Bugs

Pollinating Factors

What factors affect how many and what type of pollinators will go to a certain flower?

Geese Boys

What type of environment do geese like to live in? What type of behaviors do geese have?


How does the surrounding environment affect turtles natural behavior?


What is the relationship between algae levels and water quality?

Water Pollution

How do nutrient levels vary in different water bodies over time?

TEENS is generously supported by After School Matters, US Forest Service-International Programs, and The Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning at The Chicago Community Trust



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